Boost PSAT and SAT Scores
for college scholarships or just to get into competitive colleges. A-Z SAT WordPower System and SAT Math Prep...
Teens: Don't waste your summer! Get ready for SAT or PSAT with live online tutoring. This is an ideal solution for students with busy summer schedules, students in remote areas, students with transportation issues, or international students. Details about our online tutoring program
Parents: Get your teen ready for the college/scholarship application process before school resumes this fall. Track your student's progress based on a plan created with the student. Details about our online tutoring program

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Dr. Clair Hinckley of A-Z Learning Alternatives has been providing private SAT exam tutoring services for over seventeen years, and currently offers her SAT prep programs in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Phoenix, AZ. Her revolutionary SAT writing and critical reading study prep WordPower contains a preparation text book, workbook, flash cards, podcasts and online practice materials.